My Client's Success Stories


If you are thinking about branching off and building your own business, but are not sure where to start then I would highly recommend working with Eddette.

I had no idea where I wanted to take my business. I just knew that I wanted to start my own health and wellness business and really ‘Do what I love and love what I do!’.

Before I started working with Eddette I knew very little about how to create specific content to attract the right people to my services, I knew absolutely nothing about Instagram and I am embarrassed to say that I had no clue why people used hashtags. The workbooks that Eddette has created are very thorough and working through them really helped me to narrow down my niche, create my content pillars and gain insight into my WHY for starting my business.

Eddette's training videos on the private members’ portal are very informative and I love that I will have access to them even after the program finished, so I can refer back to them when I need to. Not to mention her workbooks and members portal are stunningly beautiful to look at!

Throughout the program, I had TONS of questions. Eddette was very patient and answered all of them as soon as she possibly could as to not hold me back in creating my content. I really have a ‘must do it now’ attitude so I was very happy when my questions were answered straight away.

Overall I would highly recommend working with Eddette. I have so much clarity on where I am going with my business and thankful for the amount of value and support Eddette has given me along my journey towards helping moms become healthier, happier more beautiful versions of themselves.


Meet Jacqueline

Working with Eddette was first of all fun, very professional and SUPER productive.

Before, I had no or little clue how to start with content on Facebook or Instagram. After just two weeks I not only knew WHAT to post but also WHEN and HOW. That was a game changer for me and really boosted my self-confidence so that I even dared to open my own Facebook group and do Facebook live calls on a weekly basis. It just felt amazing to start creating in a professional way right from the beginning!

I started my Instagram account from scratch and got lots of followers and engagement with my first post already.

Eddette delivers very good content in easy to handle portions. The weekly workbooks were on the point and very doable! No overwhelm. I loved that! Also, you can tell that she has a lot of experience and knowledge and knows the whole content creation online world out there, all the tools, knows what does work and what does not. That helped me a lot to navigate through the jungle of possibilities.

My absolute favorite was our weekly live calls! Simply because Eddette is such a nice smart lady you enjoy listening to and she got answers to all our questions. That was a real booster for me since I gained so much clarity and knew exactly what to do next. Same with her private student's Facebook group. I didn't know that a social media group can feel so personal!!! It felt like engaging with Eddette and the other group members in real life.

Changed my whole perspective about social media that it actually IS social 🙂

After the Bootcamp, I know exactly what to do for my newsletter, Facebook accounts, blog, and Instagram. How to set everything up and how to fill it with engaging content. That's way more than I've expected!



Meet Friederike


My understanding of social media and content creation before I have worked with Eddette was completely different!

I thought it is complicated, I thought you should break your head every day to think about what should you post - yet Eddette showed me that there is a strategy, that there is a way to bring value to your people while having fun and the most important thing you can create content for the next three or six months in a matter of days!

I still hadn't launched my business when I joined Eddette's program, but now I have so much confidence in who my client is, what I should be creating for them, that my all business perspective has changed.

The Tranformation Lounge Private membership portal is very well structured and Eddette went the extra mile to answer all our questions and requests. The community of ladies was amazing, and I felt so supported all the way. It is truly an amazing place to gain a completely new understanding of social media content and utilise it to the max!


Meet Sara